Flowers for Jaime, part one

While putting together an inspiration board full of plum lovelies I noticed the wide array of purple bouquet & centerpiece options. So many unique options stood out to me that I wanted to showcase them individually. Jaime is at the fun stage of hammering out a colour palette (she's leaning towards this dark shade of purple) and beginning to imagine her florals (which is one of my favourite parts).

: : Bouquets : :

Succulents: I just love that succulents are becoming so popular in wedding design and I'm particularly fond of them in bouquets. I understand this style isn't for everyone, but I wanted to share this option with Jaime as it's quite stunning and jives perfectly with her colours. {Photo found via Ritzy Bee blog; check out the blog for more succulent options}

Monochromatic Combination: the combinations of plum dahlias, eggplant mini calas, lavender ranunculas and purple tulips (for the bride's bouquet) & of plum dahlias, eggplant mini calas, and purple tulips with chocolate brown cymbidium instead of the lavender ranunculas (for the bridal party) are stunning. This style would allow you freedom with dress colours and seasonal variations of flowers. {Photos by Marianne Lozano and found at JL Designs, my new favourite hub for floral inspiration}.

The combination of calla lilies and tulips is perfect for Spring and classically beautiful. There are so many shades to choose from, again, providing a bit of freedom for the exact shade of the bridesmaids' dresses (the same bouquet in a different shades for each bridal party member would be quite stunning). {Photo via Martha Stewart Weddings}

: : Centerpieces : :

Orchids: Jaime has indicated she is interested in this option and we've talked about hurricane vases with anchored orchids and tea lights to create a simple yet elegant centrepiece. The plum table runner used here adds the needed punch of colour to juxtapose the centerpiece. {Photo via the knot}

I really enjoy this version of green submerged orchids set against the dark linens. This shade of green is so fresh and so complimentary when paired with deep plum. {Photo via Clover & Bee}

Monochromatic Combination: I adore this combination of cabbage roses, peonies (my favourite) and begonia foliage, especially arranged in the square vase. Square vases and candles look best when displayed on a square table; however, when styled appropriately, they can also be pulled of quite nicely on round tables as well. {Photo via the knot}

Another option for monochromatic (or like shaded) flowers is to bunch them individually in smaller arrangements, similar to what this option has accomplished. I love the rustic look. {Photos by Corbin Gurkin via Duet Weddings, flowers by Modern Day Design}

. . .

Jaime: I hope this is at least a starting point to begin thinking of floral options (what do you like? what don't you like?) and that it assists in choosing the perfect shade of purple (if that ends up being your colour). As seen here, purple is very pretty with both the fresh green we spoke of but also with the lighter shade of lavender. Things to ponder...

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