Saja Wedding

It's not often that I get excited about wedding dresses.

Although I appreciate a well-designed dress and adore bridal style, I rarely get giddy about the dress; however, when I saw the following Saja gowns on Polka Dot Bride I gasped.out.loud.

Saja is a New York based-company with a fantastic press reel. When looking at Saja gowns from real weddings, they can be characterized by their classic cuts, flowing fabrics, and pretty details; the perfect look for an outdoor ceremony. The classic bohemian style paired with modern touches is right up my alley & oh-so-lovely. Check out the Collection below {click to enlarge}

{Images courtesy of Saja Wedding via Polka Dot Bride}


Jennifer said...

They're all so elegantly detailed. Simple gone fairytale? I love them!

Van & Shi said...

those are so gorgeous! words don't even do them justice!! love the vintage.y feel, yet the beautiful simplicity is exquisite!!

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