Schoolbook Style

One of my favourite people and bride-to-be also happens to be a new teacher. She and her man met and fell in love in high school and her passion is teaching; she's interested in ways of incorporating school into their wedding (without being tacky or going overboard).

The following wedding, recently featured on snippet & ink, was captured by One Love Photo and is altogether lovely. Several details from this couple's library reception stood out to me as fun-yet-classic, perfect for Matt & Jen.

Vintage Typewriters have made a comeback in a big way. A unique prop, they can also be fun alternative to the traditional guest book.

I simply adore the card catalogue escort card feature. So clever and so unique, it adds a vintage feel and pays homage to their library venue.

I love vintage books. I love the smell, the sound they make when they open, and the faded colours. Whether arranged on a bookshelf or stacked as a centerpiece, they're awesome. This is such an adorable way to incorporate your personality into your decor.

{Photos by Heather and Jon of One Love Photo via snippet & ink}

Noteworthy Detail... I also love the following memory the bride shared with snippet & ink:
Since we didn't have a ring bearer, Cameron and I tied our rings around our wrists before the ceremony. We untied each others' ribbons before we exchanged rings, and I will remember that forever.

What is your favourite school-themed detail that you've seen incorporated into a wedding?


Jen said...

I am in love with the idea of wearing the rings around our wrists! :)

I miss you my friend! and can't wait to see you soon.

Callie Grayson said...

I too love the idea about wearing the ring around your wrist!! great idea!
Such great idea's for the teaching theme!!


Courtney said...

Isn't that a sweet idea? I love this wedding, especially the fact they hosted their reception in a library.

Dandelion and Grey said...

Gawd I love One Love Photo :) !!

I'll never tire of seeing stacks of books..and once I saw a vintage school bus used to shuttle guests from the ceremony to the reception.. LOVED it! Oh! And chalkboards! I guess I have a thing for school - themed details! xo

Courtney said...

One Love Photo ceases to amaze me. *Your wedding photos are amazing*

I will be posting more "school themed" details, so make sure you check back! : )

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