Letters to Santa

{Notecards by happy deliveries can be found here}

The week of Christmas is here. Already. Prepared?
{Neither am I}

I'm trying to keep the holiday stresses at bay and enjoy the season. B. and I opened our stockings tonight in an early-Christmas-celebration. We're heading up the hill to go outdoor skating & play some shinny tomorrow evening and I travel to Vancouver on Wednesday for 4-days-of-holiday-fun.

Seriously... Christmas? Friday? How did that happen?

I wanted to post an awesome Christmas-DIY idea to share with the special little ones in your life, courtesy of my most-favourite-kindergarten-teacher: my oh-so-amazing auntie G.

The ritual of writing letters to Santa may have evolved over the years [did you know that you can email Santa?] but I am a fan of putting pen to paper and practising the art of letter writing.

There are many standardized "insert-your-child's-name-here" style of Santa "responses." This one takes the cake {selon moi}.

Frozen Letters:

Before giving the writer their Santa response, place it in a zip lock freezer bag and in the freezer overnight. When you give it to them it will be ice cold (as Santa mail arrives directly from the North Pole, of course)!

It's known to be a huge hit and something I will do when I have wish-listers of my own. How fun!

I hope you are all able to complete your to do lists in time to enjoy some holiday festivities. If you can't, just remember that sometimes the best memories are the ones made during "life happens" moments vs. "this would look good in photos" moments.



Down and Out Chic said...

great post. no, i did not know you could e-mail santa (seriously?). i love your frozen letter idea, too cute.

Courtney said...

The frozen letter idea is so very cute! I hope that you had a very Merry Christmas, Courtney, and have a Happy New Year! xo

Courtney said...

Thanks for visiting, ladies. I had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you had the same.



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