Ryan and Angela, the Shoot

I hope you enjoy the second instalment of Ryan and Angela's September wedding as much as I do.

Today's selections come from the wedding party photo shoot on Burnaby Mountain and at the Simon Fraser University Campus. This hilltop is both near and dear to R&A's hearts. I share this sentiment with my fellow alum and love this opportunity to prove to all of the "SFU-campus-haters" that angular concrete buildings can be beautiful.

The brilliant photography is again brought to us by the amazing Miranda Karkling and her fantastic partner in crime, Jason Nicholls. This pair traipsed all over Burnaby Mountain with the fantastic wedding party in tow, using the gorgeous landscape (& the odd prop) as inspiration.

{Click photo to enlarge}

I love these totem poles - it makes for such a unique juxtaposition against the wedding couple.

Clearly the groom's entourage enjoyed the totem poles, too.

Their wedding party was beyond awesome.
Note: the obligatory lunging shot.

Simply stunning.

The girls had some fun, too.

Groomsmen that double as bouncers; if only every groom could be this lucky.

The best-dressed couple on campus.

A woman after my own heart, Angie requested photos in the University library. I just love the sweetness of their embrace against the rows of books.

A couple of dramatic group shots (I'm in love with both and think either would be amazing printed 11x7 with a large matte)

Lecture Hall was never this fun.

(I love that the "eggplant" lecture hall seats matched your colour palette so perfectly, guys).

... and they lived happily ever after.

Photo shoot Honor Roll:

Photography: Miranda Karkling [mirandakarkling@gmail.com] and Jason Nicholls
Location: Simon Fraser University, Burnaby Mountain Campus & The Rose Garden at Burnaby Mountain

Up Next... the Reception.


Jennifer said...

These photos get better every time I look at them! Fantastic!

Callie Grayson said...

Fantastic shots! and that dress!!!! Sexy and gorgeous, the black and white image with the light filtering through her dress, gorgeous!!!


Miranda Karkling said...

this just brings me right back to the day. what an awesome couple. so much fun to shoot!

Courtney said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies. I just love this couple and the fact that their awesomeness comes through in these photos.

Again, Mir: fantastic work. I'm so proud. xo.

Down and Out Chic said...

wow, i really like the shot of the back of the bridal party and i'm definitely loving the library shots!

angela said...

I agree, Miranda: well done, you! :) Can't wait for you to post some receptions Court, and show-off some of your decor work.

I'm glad you ladies like the shots - I'm an English major so the library shot was a must! And Callie, I'm glad you like the dress. It's now all boxed up and taking up 1/3 of our condo! Haha good thing it wasn't a ballgown!

Diana said...

I love the shots with the books. The whole set is beautiful!

Courtney said...

Thanks for visiting, Diana - I'm glad you liked the photos!

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