Deck your halls

Oh etsy, how I love thee.

Today's post is a collection of my favourite ornaments found on this highly addictive site. Being our first Christmas in our own place, I've found myself enthralled with Christmas decor of all kind, particularly tree d├ęcor.

These are [a few of] the ornaments I’ve “favourited” on etsy over the last month. If you pray really hard to the postal gods you may be able to order and receive them before the 25th. Otherwise, stock up for next year!

. . .

I would be lying if I said the bird-infused motif of R&A’s wedding didn’t leave a soft spot on my heart. For this reason, I am particularly fond of bird-inspired ornaments. (Angie, this set is for you. Xo).

{Clockwise from top left: my little nest ornament from pillow happy; bird ornament/sachet by moontea artwork; personalized bird ornaments by TK Designs; 2009 commemorative dove by paloma's nest; vintage bird by little edith bee; bird in flight by shelby design; and vintage music paper bird by repurposed antiques}

As a lover of weddings, I enjoy this set of “first Christmas” ornaments.

{Clockwise from top left: Amorette by debra sue; our first Christmas snowflake by aphrodite's canvas; silhouette by EclisseCreazioni; wedding cake and engagement ring cookie ornaments by sweet vanilla bean; first Christmas by SarEi; ziper heart by bogate; and custom text tile by paloma's nest}

This series of themed ornaments is particularly sweet. [I think any of the following ornaments would be a lovely gift].

{Clockwise from top left: bunch of stars by quotes and notes; vintage gold bows by sauce for the goose; 3 24k gold dipped leaves by Lu's Boutique; 2 golden acorns by stacey winters; personalized dog bones by sunshine ceramics; christmas trees by emerge design; cocktail dresses by tweedy lane; stocking by bloom and barnacle; Custom Silhouette by 'ohana by lea; and fortune cookie by yoga goat}

Although themed ornaments are adorable, there’s nothing prettier than a simple round ornament on a tree branch. I love these modern twists on the classic bauble.

{Clockwise from top left: vintage glass ornament by sauce for the goose; spun ornament by Jenny Bland; Guinea Fowl Feather Ball by maka le wakan; sequin ornaments by wicked pen; christmas baubles by olivia bossy; winter white ornament by m golden; and winter forest ornament by finch designs}

I hope you have enjoyed hanging the stockings by the chimney with care and decking your halls with boughs of holly [and other festive adornments]!


Callie Grayson said...

oh, my! wonderful collection of favorites!!!
i so love etsy!!
Happy Decorating!!

Courtney said...

Glad you like them. Thanks, Callie. Happy Decorating to you, too!

Blair said...

OH wow---what a wonderfully curated selection! I especially love the ones in the top right corner of that first set!

Courtney said...

I love those, too Blair. I don't think I would be able to package them up after Christmas - they're artwork!

angela said...

Um, Court? I have already reached my Etsy quota for this month. The questions is: how many of these adorable sets of bird/first Christmas ornaments can I have shipped to our home before the 24th?

Courtney said...

Any luck so far, Angie? Quota or no quota, I had so many in my favourites section NOT to share. There's always next year, too!

angela said...

We ended up buying the bottom right hand First Christmas bird ornament...actually Ry fell in love with it and bought it, so it did not mess with my quota! haha Thanks for posting, lady!

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