Wishing Well.

The days of traditional guest books are gone. Couples use personal and interesting methods of documenting their guests' attendance as well as gathering thoughts and well wishes from their loved ones.

The Knot provides great guest book inspiration. Here are a few of my favorites:

I love this classic looking B&W guest book.

How precious is this idea?! This couple used a vintage typewriter for their guests to hand type notes to them. [Apparently, these well wishes are now framed around the couple's home. How sweet]?

I really like this idea. Guests hand wrote personal messages on stones that the couple could use throughout their home and garden.

I love.love.love. these wishing trees. The bird branches are just cute. Do you like these, Angie?
This tree was inspired by the couple's trip to Japan. In Japan, individuals write their hopes and dreams for the couple on small pieces of paper that they tie to branches all over the local town.

This couple's "take a wish, make a wish" table is so clever. Guests were asked to write down well wishes for the couple and then to take a wish for themselves.

This idea is very sweet. [I have heard of wedding couples purchasing 5 bottles of wines that are special to them for guests to sign with the intentions of drinking them on their first 5 anniversaries. Lovely].

Angie and Ryan are planning on using this idea of photo matte guest book. I think it's a great way of documenting those in attendance of their special day as well as creating a conversation art piece. [I think it would be awesome with a candid wedding shot of A&R].
{Photos i & ii}.

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