Just a little candy.bar.colour.themed.inspiration. for a cloudy Monday.

The calligraphy notes on the candy jars are very cute. [These photos are from a Breast Cancer fundraiser where inspirational notes were placed on each jar].
I think it would be precious to have the wedding couple's favorite quotes [or quotes about candy] on each jar attached with pretty ribbon.

I love how they incorporate flowers into the candy bar. It really makes it become a part of the overall decor.
Angie: I think the candy bar could house all of the extra flowers that we don't use in the centerpieces. [And maybe some curly willow]?

I also like the varying heights of this candy bar. Angie: I think we can accomplish something like this that is easily accessible to your guests, don't you?

All images are courtesy of Brooklyn Bride and Survivor Soiree.

1 comment:

stacy said...

I love how at some weddings people have candy bars. It sounds like a great idea. And probably a tummy ache too.

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