[an example of] A Bride's Worst Nightmare

"It's like rain, on your wedding day..."
Alanis Morissette

Although rain is not something one would hope for one's special day, issues arising from wedding day rain can be solved quite easily with proper planning.

A [less common] disaster that is a bit more difficult to address is a "Gong Show" cake. Because wedding cakes play such an integral part in [most] weddings [& are such a large expense], they are best entrusted to their creators.
As Geneve so accurately advised us: never take responsibility for transporting a wedding cake. Ever. Ever. Ever.

Now I know why:

[Thank goodness Liz is such an easy going bride: she put up with rain, wind, and an upside down cake]!

A&R: I think your pie bar is a safe alternative!

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