one more last kiss.

Now THAT is a beautiful wedding moment captured on film.

Snippet&Ink [one of my very favorite wedding blogs] featured this photograph today by the amazing Parker J Pfister.
Why do you have to be in North Carolina?
Inspiring montages can be found here, here, and here. Goose bumps, I tell you: goose bumps!

Image courtesy of Parker J Pfister.


TD66 said...

WOW. Ditto on the goosebumps there. I watched the slideshow at the first link. I love the mix of black and white and really warm colour shots. I hope that we can take some pictures right around sunset too...they are sooo beautiful. I also love all the candid shots. I'm sure they are harder ones to capture, but they are so truthful, you know? Her dress was amazing...I'm starting to get excited about shopping now!

Courtney said...

Her dress was amazing. I loved every photo. [I think it was even more goosebumps worthy set to music. Note to self: add music to wedding photo montage].

That will be you in 12 short months. Amazing. I can't wait.

M.K. said...

oh wow, this one actually makes my heart soar. I cant wait for the day i can capture a moment like that! *fingers crossed*

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