It Makes the World Taste Good...

It has become quite popular to include a dessert or candy bar at weddings in lieu of other desserts or favours. I for one really love the idea. Especially after seeing the amazing tables Amy Atlas puts together. Her portfolio is full of beautiful works of art.

Angie, I think we can muster up something similar, don't you?

My personal favorite: including candy that matches the wedding's colour palate.

Image Courtesy of Amy Atlas Events.

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TD66 said...

I totally think we can come up with something like this. We can go to Ikea and buy a bunch of fun vases, jars, containers and then head out on a mission to find purple and green candies. We may even order some of the wedding m&m's with our names and the date on them, I think we mentioned before that we are thinking of using the little empty chinese take-out boxes (or other candy containers) as the place settings as well. We would attach a piece of paper with the name (and maybe a thank-you note inside explaining what to do with the box!), and then they can use the box for the candy bar on their way out. It also adds colour to the hall throughout the night. Our caterer owns a candy store and said he would be able to put a candy bar together for us, but I think we could probably cut cost by doing it ourselves.

I LOVE CANDY. I think the only battle will be to keep the nieces and nephews, and ME, away from the bar throughout the night!


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