January Rain, David Gray

I always enjoy visiting the wedding blog Glamour This for her helpful music selections. I especially love how she usually features a video highlighting the song. Since I am a movie buff and a die hard romantic, I figured I might as well fuse the two and start a feature of my own.
Occasionally, I will showcase a movie montage or video featuring a romantic moment or favorite love song. Just for fun.

This weeks installment features the David Gray's instrumental "January Rain" from the film Serendipity.
I love guitar. I love instrumentals. and I love John Cusack.

I plan to have this beautiful piece playing during the processional at my own wedding.

[The second song featured in this video is "Northern Sky" by Nike Drake. This soundtrack is phenomenal, by the way].

Video courtesy of rikarduk.

1 comment:

M.K. said...

I really love january rain for a wedding. David gray is a genius and this piece is exceptionally beautiful...Not to mention this movie is adorably amazing:)

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