I think I need to become a wedding planner.

Have you ever wished that you could turn your hobby and your passion into your career? It is for this reason that I have decided to become a Wedding Planner.

I am in the process of planning my first wedding for a wonderful couple who are giving me the opportunity to learn, to share, and to plan [as well as allowing me to document the process here]! I am ecstatic to put my ideas into motion and to help Ryan and Angie execute the most important day of their lives. It is an honour.

So it begins.

I am currently enrolled in a wedding planning course being offered by Geneve McNally of Dream Group Productions.

After Week One I am happy to report that the course has thus far fulfilled my [very high] expectations. Like the student.for.life I am, I have gone through the course syllabus and have already begun planning my final project [due in 8 weeks]. I know. I'm a dork. However, at least I'll be a dork with happy clients.



TD66 said...

We are soooo excited to hear all the ideas you come up with on your own and through your course. We are so lucky to have snagged you!


Courtney said...

It is MY pleasure.

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