wedding project [eight]: gilded place card holders

I'm in still in catch up mode so please bear with me as I feature the remaining details from our wedding. 

The collection of gilded animal place card holders on our head table was the smallest element of our wedding decor and one of my favourite details. I wanted the head table to feature a few unique details and decided that gold would be the perfect accent to our palette of coral + neutrals. I love the look of the bold chevron on the traditional white and gold tablescape. 

The gold chargers were a great addition but they needed something to tie them in. Enter: gilded animals. 

I purchased a tube of safari animals from Michaels and spray painted them gold. To hold the place cards, Ben sawed a small indent with an old steak knife. The plastic was quite hard to saw into and the cards didn't sit quite right. To keep them in place I added a drop of glue from my hot glue gun to affix the place card which worked quite well. Since the glue chipped off easily they can be used again. TIPIf I were to make these again I would saw the notches into the figurines prior to spraying them as the pain chipped off a bit. 

These are way too fun; I can't wait for the opportunity to use them again. Two of my bridesmaids have theirs in their homes and they look awesome just sitting on a shelf or dresser.

Top photo by Adrian Photography.

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J. said...

I would LOOOOOVE to steal this idea! :)

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