DIY cake toppers

I plan on doing some baking (of the cake variety) for a special birthday and a wedding shower in the next few months and I wanted a fun way to jazz them up a bit. I love the idea of reusable cake toppers paired with or in lieu of traditional candles; however, every option I found came with a price tag. In the interest of keeping it simple (& cheap), I printed out two of my favourite words in Arial Bold font on regular computer paper, cut them out with scissors and used the cutouts as tracers on the back of some sparkle cardstock I had left over from this project.

Once the letters were cut out (I found an exacto knife worked best to cut through the cardstock) I attached baking dowels to the backs with a hot glue gun.

That’s it. A simple + fun Saturday project in preparation for birthday and wedding season!

happy love. the best kind.


Jennifer said...

Talking about my birthday, right?

Bellenza Bistro said...

Cute idea! And you could spell out anything depending on the occasion. :-)

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