Mile a Day Challenge: January 2013

This goal needed its own post. 
Anyone following my Instagram needs a "thank you" for their encouragement (and understanding as I flooded their feeds with running shoes). 

One month after my last #mileaday I struggle with the motivation, confidence, and time to throw my shoes on every day and run; however, in January I proved to myself that it’s possible.  In January I became a runner.  That’s a pretty awesome statement to make.

I was inspired to challenge myself by Elise  (she has a very informative section of her blog devoted to running).  My sister, the marathon running extraordinaire, also inspired me, who kicked me in the butt to start running. That’s the key: just start. (Thanks, J).

Thoughts on Mile a Day...

  • I got outdoors with Bauer almost every day - even the cold ones
  • I enjoyed (almost) every run
  • I ran more than a mile quite regularly because I wanted to
  •  I experimented with running on an indoor track/ treadmill/ and snowy sidewalks to keep it interesting and less stale (I bore easily)
  • I accomplished my first health and fitness goal of the year
  •  I was in a cardio slump so I lost some weight
  • Some days my runs energized me 
  • I slept well and went to bed earlier (if you know me you understand how significant this bullet is)

  • Scheduling: working 40 + hours a week at my 9-5, meal planning and cleaning at home, and travelling between Kamloops and Vancouver several times made it difficult to fit runs in some days
  •  Some days my runs absolutely drained my energy
  • It was difficult to fit extra curricular activities (i.e. blogging) in

As you see, the pros outweigh the cons. At times I loved to hate this challenge but in the end I loved it. I plan on incorporating another month or two of “Mile A Day” in 2013’s fitness goals and I’d love you to join me if you’re interested.

Cheers to Jen + Kelsie, my Kamloops pals who also completed Mile a Day in January. (I can’t wait to run outside without the snow).

Do you have any fitness goals/ ambitions/ resolutions that you’re working on, currently? Are you a runner?

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Awesome, Courtney! In February I became a runner too, and it's tough, but I'm starting to kind of like it. lol.

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