Time Capsules

I have always loved the idea of time capsules. Storing newspapers, favourite items, and letters away to be discovered by your future self or – even beter – a future family member gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. Quite often pigeonholed as an analogue girl in a digital world, preserving tangible things versus MP3’s, PDF’s, and digital photographs is right up my alley.

When I stumbled upon Time Capsules my heart skipped a beat.

Created by a team of creative geniuses, Time Capsules are the perfect way of marking a significant time in life: a birth, a wedding, or a graduation to name a few. I also love the capability of a Capsule to capture the every-day pieces of life. For approximately $55.00 Canadian, you’ll receive the plastic time capsule, a manual, stickers, wrapping paper, notebook, and other embellishments to use as you wish. You also receive a seal to enclose everything in the capsule and write the current date and the date in the future after which it can be opened. So cool.

I am currently engrossed in documenting our story through Project Life* and appreciate all methods of memory keeping. This is officially on my wish list. Visit the website for product and ordering information and their Pinterest page to get ideas for assembling your own. 

*In case you’re interested, I’ll be posting about Project Life next week.

(Images courtesy of Time Capsules). 
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