January 2013 Goals

I'm back on the blogging train & two months behind on content. Bare with me as I play catch up. 

I decided to change the way I set goals this year to make my goals more measurable and to challenge myself on a continual basis. I will set three goals every month: a fitness goal, a creative goal, and a personal goal. I haven’t made any “rules” around this format, which means goals may re-appear from month to month or change throughout the month. The important part for me is that I remain both inspired and challenged.


My fitness goal was to run a mile a day for the month: completed successfully (more on that, later).
My creative goal was to start and keep up with Project Life: completed & ongoing (definitely more on this, later).
My personal goal was to purge the stuff I/ we no longer need: in progress.

My fitness and creative goals are getting their own posts, so I thought I’d talk a little about January's personal goal.

Since I can remember I’ve been a pack rat hoarder collector. Throughout my life I have amassed a collection of stamps, rocks, books, magazines, clothes, DVD’s…  the list goes on. I have a hard time parting with things. I get it from my dad (who just so happens to have an amazing matchbook collection).

Simply put: I have a lot of stuff.

At this point in our lives, Ben and I live in a five-bedroom home. This means I have a lot of space to store my stuff: a scary reality. I labeled this goal “in progress” as I feel I have a ways to go. We’ve donated several large pieces of furniture; however, my hoody and shoe collections require an overhaul and are next on the chopping block. I'm inspired for a thorough spring-cleaning.

My question for you: do you “collect” stuff or am I alone in my hoarder-like tendencies? Anyone? Bueller? 

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