Earth Hour 2012

Are you celebrating Earth Hour this evening? We've spent the day spring cleaning and assembling a collection of candles that we'll use between 8:30 and 9:30 pm tonight to take part.

As far as activities go, my plan is to pour a glass of red wine and relax, chat with my fiance about wedding plans, and maybe play a board game. What are you up to?

More ideas: how we spent Earth Hour 2011.

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Our Boy is Four.

Oh B Man, how you've changed our lives for the better and kept us smiling for almost 4 years. You remind us every day that you are more than just a four legged companion; you are 1/3 of our little family. We love you to the moon and back.

Happy Fourth Birthday.


Kamloops Film Festival: The Rundown

I went, I saw, I was moved.

Along with my movie-watching partner-in-crime Kelli, I attended 6 of the 14 films featured at this year’s Kamloops Film Festival. I must commend the Kamloops Film Society for compiling such a unique, thought-provoking collection of films; I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as an attendee. Furthermore, my popcorn addition was satisfied in full, so much so that I can go the next couple of weeks without it. Bravo.

Without further adieu, here are the films I attended:

Monsieur Lazhar:

This film moved me to tears on several occasions for its raw and beautiful look at the relationships formed between a teacher and his students. Aptly nominated as Canada's entry in best foreign-language film category at this year's Oscars, the film was also accepting 6 Genie awards the night we watched the film. So very cool. I recommend this film to anyone who respects the work of teachers and to anyone who needs to be reminded of the work of teachers.

The Whale:

This film shook me to my core. I barely have the words to describe how much this film touched me and I'm getting choked up just thinking about it. It is truly something you have to see to believe. My favourite of the series, bar none. I recommend this film to anyone. period.


The film's namesake Pina Bausch said it best: "dance, dance otherwise we are lost." The extent to which she touched the lives of her students is so apparent that to watch the company's touching performances of her choreography is to understand the twisted creative genius that was Pina Bausch. A stunning dedication. I recommend this film to anyone who appreciates the arts in all ways, shapes, and forms.


When we walked out of this film I turned to Kelli and asked "wtf?" To substantiate this reaction, take the film's pitch: "a beautiful movie about the end of the world" and understand it delivers on both accounts. This is why my initial reaction was so difficult to describe. Film viewers who enjoy symbolism would eat this film up as it requires the viewer to leave logic at the at the door and be transported by the story. Kirsten Dunst was fantastic; I haven't enjoyed watching her act this much since The Virgin Suicides. I recommend this film to anyone who appreciates masterful cinematography and eerie yet beautiful stories.

Martha Marcy May Marlene

This film was haunting, it made me angry at parts, and I loved it. The title character is developed through glimpses from the past weaved in with the life she attempts to reclaim in the present. All the while the story demands the viewer's attention. I can't say enough about Elizabeth Olsen who has proven herself as a talented actress. I recommend this film to anyone who loves indie films and cult classics.

A Separation

I understand how this film won Best Foreign Language Film honours at both the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes. The performances of the father Nader and his daughter Termeh are raw and moving. Symbolism runs deeply through this story as it explores family, sacrifice, integrity, and honour. It is truly a beautiful film. I recommend this film to anyone who appreciates the layers that make up a family.

There you have it. I hope you have a chance to check out some of these films. What is the best movie you've seen as of late?

(Images courtesy of Kamloops Film Festival, Monsieur Lazhar, The Whale, Pina, Melancholia, Martha Marcy May Marlene , A Separation).



Today marks the first day of Spring, a season I greet with open arms. Sure, I love winter and magical nights curled up by the fire while it snows outside; however, I'm ready for sunshine. I'm ready for some photosynthesis to take place and the flowers to bloom. I'm ready for chats over coffees on the patio.

I'm ready for Spring.

This week I've been tackling the first of several wedding projects: our napkins. I've been measuring and pinning and cutting and repeating all week and finally gaining some ground. (I also calculated a few extra yards for a couple of fun throw pillows... but that will come later). So please excuse me while I return to my sheers and mountains of chevron fabric.

(Photo taken on my iPhone and edited with Instagram; the flowers were a special treat from my lovely friend Jen).


Wish List: Cookbooks

I love cookbooks and I can quite often be found gravitating to the kitchen section of Anthropologie or the food aisles at Chapters. Ben finds this fact quite ironic as I'm currently a "cook-in-progress"; however, I'd love to add these to my collection to inspire my inner foodie and hone my skills in the kitchen.

Barefoot Contessa, Back to Basics
Yvette van Boven, Homemade
Julia Child, Mastering The Art Of French Cooking, Volume I: 50th Anniversary
Giada De Laurentiis, Everyday Italian
Bridget Binns, Pizza and Other Savory Pies
Clodagh McKenna, Homemade: Irresistible Recipes For Every Occasion
Sophie Wright, Home At 7, Dinner At 8: 100 Satisfying Suppers On The Table In An Hour Or Less

Do you own any of these cookbooks? I'd love to hear your reviews. What is your favourite cookbook? I have many favourites but this one is by far my most beautiful cookbook.

(Images courtesy of Barefoot Contessa, Yvette Van Boven, Random House, Giadade Laurentiis, Williams Sonoma, Clodagh McKenna, and Sophie Wright).



Have you heard about the new online boutique edisen? Embodying the same vintage femininity of bridal lines like BHLDN, edisen offers an eclectic array of dresses, jewelry, shoes, and table decor. I already have my eyes on few early favourites including these flats + these earrings.

(Photo courtesy of edisen).


Dear Bridesmaids...

Can we stay here?

My lady birds and I are currently planning a fantastic girls weekend away to Palm Springs. As fate would have it, Joanna recently featured a few shots of the newly renovated and altogether fabulous Saguaro Hotel and I fell in love. I had another resort in mind for our trip but this place is just too awesome to pass up.


(Image courtesy of The Saguaro).


Wear It Well Apparel Tags

These Wear it Well Apparel Tags were made for my friend Jillian. $8 gets you 20 tags that you can hang with your most unique pieces to itemize the pertinent details: the last time they were dry cleaned or worn and the pieces from your closet they work with best. Jill, I wish we had these a couple weeks ago when we were playing dress up in your closet.


Find 'em at Anthropologie.


Healing Hearts

I wanted to share a few photos from the Healing Hearts fundraiser event that took place in Kamloops on March 3. The night was full of many laughs and a few - aptly chosen - songs. Proceeds from the evening went to the RCMP Victim Services unit who help families as they face tragedy.

The night also marked the first time Lisa McCauley took to the stage since her husband Jim was killed. Lisa was glowing as she delivered material that had every single person in the house laughing, some until they were crying. She showed immense strength in her ability to deliver a performance that was beautiful, touching, and altogether hilarious. My favourite photos of the night are from when her three boys jumped on the stage at the end of her performance and showered her with flowers and hugs.

I feel so blessed to have been in attendance; my heart was warmed by the experience. Lisa, you are awesome. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.


Kamloops Film Festival

Tonight I will be attending the opening night of the 16th Annual Kamloops Film Festival. I caught two great films last year and, since I was disappointed that I didn't get to more, I've planned my life around the next week of films.

The Oscar-nominated film Monsieur Lazhar opens the festival this evening and after seeing the trailer and reading the synopsis I am so excited to take it in. Have you seen this film?

Kamloops friends: care to join me?

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on facebook: facebook.com/KamloopsFilmFestival + twitter: @kamfilmfest

(Image courtesy of the Kamloops Film Festival Facebook Page).

Happy International Women's Day


Lisa McCauley

My dear friend Lisa is an amazing mother, a thoughtful friend, and a hilarious comedienne. She is one of my favourite people on this earth and last night she was featured on Global BC. Lisa was interviewed by Mike McCardell and spoke about life without her husband Jim, the father of their three boys who was killed in a car accident late last year. A loss like this leaves the type of pain that you'd never wish upon anyone; the type of pain that, as a friend, you can only begin to imagine.

As can be identified in the short news clip, Lisa is an absolute inspiration and one hell of a mother. Further proof of her remarkable strength is in the fact that she is taking to the stage this Saturday for Healing Hearts With the Magic of Laughter and Song, a fundraiser benefitting the Kamloops RCMP Victim Services group. The fact that she is taking to the stage is amazing on many levels; however, to know Lisa is to understand that she is a giver and taking part in a fundraising benefit that will inevitably help people in her very shoes is just in her nature.

This Saturday Lisa will be doing what she does best: spreading love and bringing laughter to everyone in her presence. Jim, her biggest fan, will be so proud of her. The rest of us will definitely laugh, probably cry, and continue to be inspired by her.

Lisa wrote a book that I think everyone should read. Visit her website to learn more.

(video clip courtesy of Global BC, event poster courtesy of Kamloops Convention Centre).

Blog Love: She Lets Her Hair Down

Oh, how thrilled I am for stumbling across this jem of a blog. Because I love sharing good things with my favourite people - and by reading my blog you are one of my favourite people - I'm spreading the wealth of knowledge this blog has to offer.

She Lets Her Hair Down is a beauty and fashion blog by Rubi, a hairstylist based in Paris. The hair tutorials have to be my favourite feature as I am always looking for new ways of styling my mop (and for all of you with wild bangs, she has a "how to blow dry bangs" tutorial that is top notch).

Have a gander at her site; it's a new favourite of mine and the newest addition to my blogrole.

(photo by alpha smoot for she lets her hair down; graphic design by becca clason).


DIY Ombre

I'm in love with ombre. I love it in home decor, fashion, and weddings. Although I'm still brainstorming ways of incorporating it into our wedding, here are some of my favourite DIY-friendly ideas.

Invitations: I love the idea for watercolour ombre and incorporating it into wedding stationary. Jordan Ferney's 2010 Holiday Cards were the inspiration for Jen & Matt's escort card format. This technique works wonderfully with any colour.

Backdrops: Perfect for photo booths, head tables, and alters, backdrops are very exciting aspect of wedding decor these days. There are many, many creative ways of styling a backdrop, one of them being ribbons or fabric strips arranged by colour gradient. The DIY guide by Katie of Green Wedding Shoes is fantastic and proves this type of backdrop doesn't need to chew up a lot of your decor budget.

Treats: Well-styled food - especially sweets - are one of my favourite elements of event planning (& if you need an example of what I'm referring to, visit Amy Adams' website). Ombre has been creatively introduced to the world of food. Don't you think these meringue parfaits would be lovely for a shower or party?

Napkins: As I mentioned before, napkins are a great way to incorporate a pop of colour or pattern to an otherwise neutral tablescape; alternatively, they can be a playful way of layering colour, pattern, and texture on a vibrant tablescape. I'm a huge fan of dip-dyed items, whether it be tote bags, table clothes, t-shits, or napkins, this is a fun project. Visit Bright Bazaar or Oh Happy Day for a dip-dye technique that could translate to any fabric or visit Kim Seybert's website if you prefer to purchase a set of ombre dyed napkins.

Bridesmaids: Mismatched yet coordinated: that is the style mantra of my bridesmaids. Although not officially "ombre" (my ladies are wearing similar tones in several neutral colours), it's the subtle variation of the same idea that I love; this wedding party (shot by the amazing Jill Thomas) pulls it off perfectly.

Paper Chandelier: Albeit not every bride's style, this paint chip chandelier was just too cool not to include in this rundown. I love the idea of repurposing paint chips: wouldn't it also look amazing with a random connection of colours? Again, this would work well for shower decor or in a baby's room although I think it would be pretty awesome in an office space, as well.

Flowers: I have been ga-ga over this centerpiece since I saw it in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine a while ago. As Martha & co aptly point out this example is in one long, low container; however, it would be equally as beautiful in a cluster of small vases.

Are you on the ombre train? How have you incorporated it into your event design/ fashion/ hair colour/ home?

(photos, clockwise from top left: Oh Happy Day, Katherine Elizabeth Photography for Green Wedding Shoes, Wedding Chicks, Jill Thomas, Jenna McKenzie Photography for Hello Gorgeous, and Martha Stewart Weddings).
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