Today marks the first day of Spring, a season I greet with open arms. Sure, I love winter and magical nights curled up by the fire while it snows outside; however, I'm ready for sunshine. I'm ready for some photosynthesis to take place and the flowers to bloom. I'm ready for chats over coffees on the patio.

I'm ready for Spring.

This week I've been tackling the first of several wedding projects: our napkins. I've been measuring and pinning and cutting and repeating all week and finally gaining some ground. (I also calculated a few extra yards for a couple of fun throw pillows... but that will come later). So please excuse me while I return to my sheers and mountains of chevron fabric.

(Photo taken on my iPhone and edited with Instagram; the flowers were a special treat from my lovely friend Jen).

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Jennifer said...

Love the patterns!

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