Blog Love: She Lets Her Hair Down

Oh, how thrilled I am for stumbling across this jem of a blog. Because I love sharing good things with my favourite people - and by reading my blog you are one of my favourite people - I'm spreading the wealth of knowledge this blog has to offer.

She Lets Her Hair Down is a beauty and fashion blog by Rubi, a hairstylist based in Paris. The hair tutorials have to be my favourite feature as I am always looking for new ways of styling my mop (and for all of you with wild bangs, she has a "how to blow dry bangs" tutorial that is top notch).

Have a gander at her site; it's a new favourite of mine and the newest addition to my blogrole.

(photo by alpha smoot for she lets her hair down; graphic design by becca clason).

1 comment:

Callie Grayson said...

Thanks for the share! I love stumbling upon new blogs

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