Ikea Campaign Chest DIY

There are many-an-Ikea-Hack floating around the Internet; you've no doubt come across them on Pinterest.  I'd like to suggest that this Campaign Chest DIY is one of the best.

Louisa of For Chic Sake has mapped out a brilliant DIY tutorial with easy to follow steps and links to all of the supplies she used. I've bookmarked this fuchsia beauty for a future project as it's a very cost effective way to give a tired chest of drawers a make over. 

Visit For Chic Sake for the details and links to many other project details. 

(images courtesy of For Chic Sake). 


Callie Grayson said...

I have warned to do this DIY project for months but have no place to put this fabulous made over chest of drawers! Seriously. How great is this ikea hack!

Courtney said...

It's amazing. I'm planning on MAKING a place for it.

Andrea Peterson said...

Agreed!! I've been loving this Ikea hack since I first saw it... maybe J needs to take this on!!

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