Halloween Cat Bunting

This week I was inspired by my new dress and Rubyellen's string lights and decided to create Halloween cat bunting for our entryway.  Even though I'm not a "cat person" this fun project is a homage to the year 6 years I went trick-or-treating as a black cat.  

- black felt
- string/ ribbon/ rik rak
- dressmakers pins
- fabric scissors 
- sewing machine

- create a template of the cat head. I drew mine free-hand but there are many clip art images online that would work, too.
- pin template to felt and cut out. Don't be too concerned about making each one perfect; felt holds its shape really well (& I'm partial to variations of the same template).
- sew to string/ ribbon
- hang!

Once I hung the bunting the cats looked lonely and needed something more so I sewed a string of triangle bunting out of the left over felt and hung them together. The result is more whimsical than spooky but that's fine by me. It was a cost effective project (less than $5 to complete) that I assembled in a couple hours. Bonus: it's a holiday decoration that will be easy to store!

Have you crafted anything for Halloween? 


Victoria said...

Like this idea. I'm doing a totally black & white theme, so this would be a perfect addition.

Jennifer said...

Those are very cute kitties

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