This is the face of a girl who is so happy and so overwhelmed with the kindness and thoughtfulness of her very favourite women.

. . .

Last Sunday my bridal party (pictured below) threw me the wedding shower of all wedding showers. Guests were treated to a high tea at noon, complete with a delicious array of all of my favourite savoury and sweet foods, bubbly beverages, and - of course - an extensive array of teas. I can't even think about the decorations without nodding my head in 'respect.' Jen's home looked so beautiful, the hand made decorations were amazing and the photographs arranged throughout the house was the sweetest touch. 

As it's now 4 days later and I'm just coming off the high that I experienced seeing so many of my favourite people in one room, I have much more to say and share about this event. That being said, it was important to acknowledge these five ladies and my two mum's for executing such a fabulous event and to send love & gratitude to each lady bird who was there in body (& those who were there in spirit). 

thank you.

I feel so special and so loved. I don't quite know how I'm going to make it through our wedding day. 

Angie, Julie, Jen, Jill, and Jenn: you are amazing. 

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sarahbouch said...

You deserve it.. Glad I could be there to celebrate you :)

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