Cheers to the Weekend!

So there went another week with no blog posts. Apologies for being MIA. Here's the rundown on where I've been & what I've been up to in the last seven days...

Last weekend my sister turned a year older; I was lucky enough to share her birthday with her when she visited with two of my favourite people, Jen & Angie. We had a wonderful weekend full of cooking, crafting, drinking, and extensive hair tutorials (my friends are talented multi-taskers).

I had the opportunity to work on a fabulous side project in Kelowna with some amazing, talented, people. I promise there will be more to come closer to the release of the final product. In the meantime you can pop on over to the C Star Events Facebook page for a hint or two. Hint: it involves these two ladies.

Up next: I'm heading to Vancouver for a girl's weekend of shopping, pedicuring, and bridal showering. I can't wait to see my very favourite women and enjoy my first official 'bridal' activity.

I hope your weekend is full of fun. Check back next week for updates on the wedding planning process, craft projects, and the like.

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