snapshots from a week of fun.

I was fortunate enough to have had last week off work. I was even more fortunate to have been able to spend this time with a collection of wonderful people. My iPhone and I saw some awesome things. If you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed that Instagram is my new favourite ap...

1. Fresh mojitos at local.
2. Martini bar at this lady's Sex and the City bridal shower.
3. Dinner at Nana + Papa's in False Creek.
4. Gelato with my sister.
5. Celebrating (a very belated) father's day with the bro, pa, and sis at the Vancouver Canadian's game.
6. I flew South of the boarder with a flock of Sam's Sassy Seagals (which is also known as a stagette or bachelorette or hen party, depending on where you're from).

It was a wonderful time.

Now that I'm home, and (some of) my laundry has been done, I'm raring to start on a few projects. I also plan on savouring every.last.bit of summer 2011 because although it's been a beautiful one I can feel autumn right around the corner.


Sammy said...

Thank you so much for celebrating with me Court! I had the most amazing time :)

sarahbouch said...

such an amazing few days in seattle. looking forward to having a great time at sam and brock's wedding! xo

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