A Day at the Circus

Water for Elephants is one of my favourite novels and I am so excited to see the film adaptation later this month. Although I have a lot of issues with the treatment of animals used for circus entertainment, there is something so magical, so hauntingly beautiful, about the vintage circus. Vogue's May cover story includes an editorial spread shot by Peter Lindbergh. The models? Oh, just a girl and her beautiful elephant.

Since I am not one of those people who goes to a film expecting it to be identical to the book, I am really looking forward to Director Francis Lawrence's interpretation. I thrilled that Reese Witherspoon was cast as Marlena. Her spirit transcends the decades, beautifully.

Friends, have you read the book? Will you see the film?

Photos by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue.


Jennifer said...

Can't wait to finish reading it and then see the movie.

I love Reese and I am also intrigued with Robert Pattinson. I am not a Twilight fan but I do find him quite endearing, especially when he doesn't have his vampire glow on

Anonymous said...

I have read the book - so good and so magical. Will definitely be seeing the movie!

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