Confetti Eggs

I've been trying to fit in some background tidying on the blog; however, this idea was too awesome not to share.

Dying eggs at Easter is a traditional pass time in my house, although I've never had this much fun with them! What a perfect idea for a "big kid" egg hunt. Check out the fabulous DIY by Rebecca Wright on Oh Happy Day.

Rebecca describes them perfectly: Confetti eggs (aka Cascarones) are like mini pinatas for your head.

Um. How fun!?

I'm storing this one in the 'must try' bank for future Easters (& I'm already trying to brainstorm what other kind of fillings I can come up with)!

Photos by Robyn Kessler for Oh Happy Day.


Jennifer said...

That is SO neat! What a creative idea!

There's something about rainbow colours that just get me going..

Callie Grayson said...

this looks like tons of fun!
I love the last ones with what looks like fruity pebble cereal in them.

Vancouver Photographer said...

I wish I saw this post before easter.
this would be a great.

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