How To: Spoil your bridal party on a budget

During these difficult financial times, many brides are finding it tricky to spread the love to their best ladies. Bridal magazines do not make things any easier. They depict bridal party gift ideas such as spa weekends away and Tiffany’s jewelry among other costly items.

For this reason, I’ve decided to create a How To guide for brides looking to thank the women that have agreed to stand up with them.

Let’s be honest: we are who we are in part because of our girl friends. The special ladies willing to support and share in the most important day of your life deserve a thank you.

I’m here to let you know this doesn’t have to blow your budget.

. . .

Although you can't beat a Girls Night Out, a Girls Night In can be equally fabulous.

Whether it's a games night, a movie marathon, home spa treatments, or just chit chatting the night away, I'm a huge fan of staying in, especially with great friends.

The following are some ideas on how to spoil your bridal party with a budget-friendly Home Spa Night In.

The details...

Guest List: Your bridal party/ BFF's/ favorite females

Activities: I'm a huge fan of the Sex and the City box series [approx. $90 - $190 CAN depending on where it is purchased]. I think it would be great to set the mood for a fabulous evening, whether it is playing in the background or your guests sit down to enjoy their favorite episodes. Depending on how S.A.T.C.-versed your guests are, the board game is quite fun, too [approx. $30 - $50 CAN]. Either option is great for unique convo-starters. [Don't want to splurge on the set? Rent your favorite season from Blockbuster]. In my experience, the best nights have materialized out of great conversations. Use your discretion on how to structure the evening.

Home spa treatments [I'm a huge fan of Skoah's klearity mask, $40 CAN - which is enough for all of your guests] are always fun. Within the comforts of your own home (and in your most comfortable clothes) you and your girls can do your own mani/pedis [my signature OPI colour - a oui bit of red - is shown here, approx. $10 CAN].

Menu: Cheese trays, spinach & artichoke dip, olives, and other appetizers will provide your guests with an evening full of finger foods. If you have culinary-inclined girl friends, host a pot luck. Ask your ladies to bring their favorite appy (and to share the recipe)! This will cut down your costs and prep time, significantly.

As for drinks, no girls' night in is complete without a Pink Sparkling Wine toast [approx. $13.99 CAN/ bottle]. I love the idea of creating a special cocktail for the evening, such as the "Barbie-licious" Pink cocktail shown here. (You could have each guest bring a different ingredient from the recipe and mix them each a drink upon arrival).

Favours: I always enjoy giving party favours, no matter how juvenile it may sound. With this occasion being themed pamper-me-fabulous, I'd send my ladies home with lovely spa treats [such as Open Sundaes Body Scrub Pink Sugar, on sale for $4, or Diva Solid Bubble Bath, $6.95 CAN].

Budget: Depending on the size of your guest list, how much your guests bring, and the activities you plan, this party could run you anywhere from $100 - $300 [which is what it would cost you for one Tiffany's charm].

Enjoy the company of your favorite females; Happy Planning.


Blair said...

fntastic ideas courtney! I am not craving and little sex in the City and pink bubbles:)

Courtney said...

Oh me, too! This night sounds beyond fabulous to me.

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Girls nite in are my faves! I'm actually planning one right now to coincide with the first episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey - Italian-themed, of course!

down and out chic said...

can i throw a party like this for now reason at all? it sounds awesome.

Hanako66 said...

What a fabulous idea...can't wait for more tips!

Courtney said...

I think that sounds like a fantastic night!

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