Earth Day

Today is Earth Day.

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As an environmentally-conscious inhabitant of this great planet, I wanted to do a small tribute to mama earth.

What is Earth Day, you might ask?
Put most simply, “Earth Day will remain Canada's strongest positive voice in promoting constructive and sustainable environmental values, actions and solutions.” – Earth Day Canada

How can I give back?
There are so many ways we can give back by making minor adjustments to our daily activities.

Dan Levy's motivational Doop article inspired a couple of these links. They are chalked-full of inspirational how to's and useful literature for those of us looking to learning more:

The eco-conscious brides will enjoy the following glam-yet-green inspirational bridal sites:

Finally, the fashionistas will enjoy the Spring collection found at my favorite eco-friendly shop, Body Politic.

So, especially today, I encourage you to learn something about our Earth and -as they say- hug a tree.

{Image found here via here}


down and out chic said...

hug a tree you say? alright, will do:)

Callie Grayson said...

great post!
I have been looking at trees all morning, I need some in my back yard!!! it's completely bare just grass, which I am removing most of it(such a waste of water!!)

Blair said...

Oh, great post Courtney! I can't wait to check out those green wedding links! Happy Earth day to you!

Hanako66 said...

great post, happy earth day!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Happy E. Day to you as well! There are lots of events in Omaha, NE where I live & it's lots of fun. Yay Earth!

Courtney said...

Happy Earth Day ladies, I hope you enjoyed mother nature today.

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