Under Construction...

Please excuse me while I shake the dust out of my hair. For the last three months our home has been flipped upside down and we have had limited access to and use of our kitchen. All in the name of renovations!

Since moving in (almost 4 years ago), B and I have discussed taking on a kitchen renovation but it's always been a pain point for us. Unfortunately, this isn't our "forever" home; as a result we've been hesitant to gut and remodel the space and have made due with minor aesthetic updates. Due to the nature of our awkwardly small and poorly designed cooking space we finally decided that enough was enough. A renovation would be required prior to us selling this house; we might as well complete it now so we can spend as much time as possible enjoying it.

The kitchen will be completely finished today (hallelujah). This weekend I will be reorganizing drawers, shelves, and cupboards to maximize functionality, which satisfies my inner Monika Gellar. Once everything is back to as close a state of normalcy it may ever get around here, I will post a full before and after tour. I am so happy with how everything turned out and I can't wait to share every detail with you.

It would be remiss of me not to officially acknowledge our contractors and everyone who helped us along the way (thanks, dad). The best projects are always group collaborations, aren't they?

Happy Weekending, friends.



Andrea | Andrea + Kris + Our Chaos said...

I think we both know that I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS. Ohhhhh.... the anticipation!! :)

kevin smith said...

I suggest that you start by doing some woodworking course - where you learn to use chisels and hammers and saws and that is a good starting point.
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