Watermelon Mojitos

Mojitos, my cocktail of choice, are refreshing and delicious. This is especially true when they are prepared with mint grown in your very own garden.

A few weeks ago (while working diligently on several wedding projects) my friends Sarah, Amber, and I experimented with a variation of this favourite summer drink and added watermelon. The result was near perfection.

I've had several requests for the 'official' recipe and with the long weekend approaching I thought it was the right time to share it!

Watermelon Mint Mojito

1 oz white rum
0.5 oz cane sugar syrup 
this can be purchased or made yourself
a handful of mint leaves
the juice of 1/2 - 1 lime
4-5 cubes of watermelon
club soda

rip mint leaves in two and place in bottom of glass;
squeeze lime juice into glass and add several smaller slices of lime;
muddle ingredients together;
add 0.5 oz of cane syrup, 1 oz of white rum, and ice cubes;
pour soda water over ice, stir, enjoy. 



sarahbouch said...

YUMM! Was just talking about this tonight to someone at work. Such a delight :) Enjoy!

Jennifer said...

Mmmmmmm! The more you muddle, the better it gets!

Pineapple, cucumber, raspberries, anything!

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