Valentine's Gift Guide - for him.

Although Valentine's Day is typically a spoil-the-women-holiday, it's also a nice excuse to treat the men in our lives. The following are a few gift ideas that may please your favourite fella (you may even enjoy one or two, yourself).

Whisky Stones for Cocktail Hour; Jay Z's Decoded for an afternoon read; The Big Lebowski movie poster for his man cave; Apple TV for movie night; and - if he doesn't already own it - Mumford & Sons' fantastic album.

Do you exchange Valentine's gifts with your partner? Do you make or buy them?


Victoria said...

You are wonderful. Didn't know about the Jay-Z's book and the Huzz would love this. As too the poster - its one of our favourite films. The Apple TV has been mentioned many a time, and the CD I've been meaning to listen to for sooo long! Now we're sorted for Valentine's Day, Father's Day and B/day !!!

Courtney said...

I bought this book for my boyfriend and he's really enjoying it. (The Big Lebowski is one of our faves, too)!

Glad these favourites resonated with you!

Happy Valentine's!

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