Finders Keepers on Granville Island

Starting tomorrow, February 11, Vancouver artist Jasna Sokolovic will be spreading up to 200 ceramic red hearts around Granville Island.

The artist describes her project: If you find it, take it, keep it for yourself or give it to someone who will cherish the love.

Each heart will list Jasna's web address on it and the lucky recipients of these pretties are encouraged to contact her and send photos. I love the idea of this love-inspired scavenger hunt; what a fantastic way to spread the love and pay it forward. If you are interested in following along as the photos come in, check out her blog.

Image and concept courtesy of Jasna Sokolovic via poppytalk.


Angela Turner said...

Ry and I are heading to Granville Island this weekend to buy supplies for our Valentine's dinner (any excuse to cook a recipe out of this: http://www.amazon.ca/Bobby-Flays-Throwdown-Networks-Challenge/dp/0307719162 ). I'll keep my eyes peeled!


P.S. Hope your trip to AZ is relaxing and suntastic!

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful idea! I am going to go there this weekend with my little valentine, Maxwell and find us some hearts!

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