'The Notebook' Engagement Shoot

The Notebook. A film that made us smile, made us cry, and made us swoon.

Now considered one of the top love stories (& 'chick flicks') of all time, I find it incredible that no one has ever thought to style engagement photos after this classic until now.

The innocence and pure essence of the film is captured in this adorable couple so beautifully by Montreal's blushing bride studio. (More of this sexy yet sweet photo shoot can be found at Green Wedding Shoes).

If you were to style a photo shoot after any film, what would it be?


Callie Grayson said...


but this shoot is pretty darn romantic!! Just wish I could find a man to stick around to get to this part!!

Ang T said...

SWOON. Seriously.

And Moulin Rouge for sure (betcha thought I was gunna say something Disney!). Giant Elephant, corsets and tuxedos? Yes, please.

Courtney said...

OOOOhhh - Amelie and Moulin Rouge would both be amazing... the ideas are a-flowin' as I type this!

Lyndsy said...

Wow these shots are amazing! What an awesome couple and photographer!

chelsea said...

Thanks for the positive comments! I'm a born and bred B.C. girl too! Thanks, ladies:)

Blushing Bride Studio

Courtney said...

Hi Chelsea, thank you for stopping by!

Just so you are aware, I've received a tonne of feedback about this shoot "off-blog" too. : )

Everyone loves it. An adorable couple captured just perfectly!

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