le sigh.

Oh to be gorgeous & graceful... if ever there was a woman made to be a bride it would be Coco Rocha. She recently wed James Conran on a rainy afternoon in France; their wedding video is nothing less than awe inspiring. (If you have the time, view the longer version, here).

Coco + James // Teaser from Americana Cinema on Vimeo.

Thank you, Jess for the link (via here).

PS: I, too, would be spinning in that gorgeous Zac Posen gown all night. Tres belle.


Callie Grayson said...

What a beautiful fairy tale of a wedding! and that twirling in the stairwell! *sigh* is completely right!!!

Courtney said...

I love that dress... it's amazing... and a rainy afternoon wedding in France... come on!

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