Birdcage Love

I must be going through bird withdrawal as I've been hunting for pretty cages to adorn my backyard. I love the look of antique cages, in or out of doors.

Birdcages are lovely when used in wedding decor. A few of my favourite options...

Cages used in place of Chandeliers for an outdoor reception:

{Photos by Corbin Gurkin via Duet Weddings, flowers by Modern Day Design}

Cages arranged around the cake table:

{Photo by Armosa Studios}

Cages decorated with moss and blooms at the place card table:

{Photos by left:One Love Photo & right: Martha Stewart Weddings}

Ryan & Angie used cages in their bird motif to hold cards as guests arrived:

Have you ever used birdcages in decor? Wedding or otherwise.


Callie Grayson said...

i would love to use them in the back yard with candles!!
they are so charming.

Ang T said...

I dunno, I guess birdcages are okay...ha! I too love the idea of using them as backyard decor. And given the vintage feel of them, they could hold up to a bit of weathering as well!

It's nice to see birds on the blogs again. Is it too soon to feel nostalgic?


Courtney said...

Callie - have you had any luck finding some?

Angie - Yes, I'm pretty sure it's safe to say you like birdcages... considering your condo is unproportionately filled with them!!

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