Hannah Nunn Lanterns

With the recent temperature drop and Christmas explosion all over town I am finding myself being drawn to everything warm-and-cozy. It’s no wonder that I am currently lusting over these lovely, personalized lanterns from Hannah Nunn. Her papercut lamps are beautiful; the warm glow would be a great addition to any reception or party.

My favorite items:

Personalized Lanterns

The designer will create a unique string of lanterns for your wedding, party, or child’s bedroom. I think these would look lovely at the entrance of a wedding reception or at the welcome or gift table of any party. I also enjoy the idea of using them in a baby’s room as a ‘night light.’

Lyrical Light Lamp

This sweet piece includes the following expressions:
“ablaze, glowing, shimmering, bright, brilliant, sparkling, aglow, lumious, radiant, dazzling, illuminated, vivid.”

A great alternative to candle-light, this lamp would be perfect for a guest signing table and can be personalized to suite any occasion. {Lyrics, vows, or poetry would also be quite charming}.

Happy Christmas Lanterns

There’s no denying that I’m a lover of all-things-Christmas. I have a particular fondness for warm white lights [& for this phrase] and I think this set of lights would be stunning in any room of my house.


Tim Driver said...

What a beautiful idea for a different table decoration - I will be pointing my brides this way

Jen said...

these are beautiful...great idea for an outside wedding. hum.....

Courtney said...

Hi Tim, thanks for stopping by! I agree - this would be a stunning addition to any wedding!

Jen, it would be perfect for an outdoor wedding paired with some twinkley wrapped tree trunks.

Callie Grayson said...

so loving these lanterns!!
I want, no make that need one for my bedroom!!!
oh, and also the happy christmas lights.

. s h e r r y * said...

Ooh, these are fun!

Miranda Karkling said...

i love these! my favorite kind of light.

Apt. #34 said...

love these!

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