Advent Calendars

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I love giving presents in small, pretty packages and I have often gifted twelve days of Christmas to my loved ones [small, thoughtful gifts given one at a time in the days leading up to Christmas]. Note: This is an exceptionally awesome gift for 'the person with everything' or a special someone you'd like to treat.

I'm a true believer in creative gifts that come from the heart - the kind of gift that is thoughtful, not expensive. Some of my favourite "treats" to give {& receive}: Starbucks gift cards, Lush bath bombs &/or bubble bath, flowers, shortbread, and CD's [especially this one], just to name a few.

Although it's oh-so-exciting to open a Christmas package, there is nothing better than the gift of time - although, I know I'm not alone when I wish I had more of it to give. Organizing an activity [Christmas or otherwise] to do together, offering to provide a favour to a friend in need of one, or inviting a friend over for an evening in to watch Christmas movies and drink [Bailey's +] Hot Chocolate are just a few of the ways to spread the love [without breaking the bank].

I was ecstatic when I saw Jordan's Advent Calendar [which she is selling, by the way] & list of holiday activities.

Inspired, I immediately began brainstorming ways to pull this off myself in time for December 1st (aka, Tuesday)! I have a few things up my sleeve and I'm very excited for the holiday season to kick into high gear.

A few advent-style-etsy-finds that I'm particularly fond of (maybe for next year)...

From Lotus Paperie:

I love this collection of small drawers! It would be a perfect way of organizing Christmas activities for children or loved ones. Each night one could open a drawer to reveal the evening's activity, written on a small piece of paper, and a chocolate or small trinklet.

From nuvonova:

How fun are these pouches? I would place the day's pouch on the bedside table or bathroom counter for a fun, early morning, surprise every day of December! Receiving a happy quote, a gift card for a morning coffee or special lunch, some baking, or any other special items would brighten any one's day.
It would also be fun to hide these pouches - Easter style - around the house or in the Christmas tree for kids to find before heading to school or off to bed.

. . .

Do you have a special way of Counting Down the days until Christmas?

No matter how you welcome December, I hope you all take a moment every day to enjoy the season. Christmas does not equal stress if you remember what's important and take it one.day.at.a.time.


Paige Appel said...

love those pouches.

Courtney said...

I feel like I need them!

Down and Out Chic said...

what neat ideas. the pouches are definitely my favorite!

Jennifer said...

I looooved my 12 days of Christmas last year.
Court, you are so creative!
Keep up the fantastic work!

Courtney said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies.

I agree: those pouches are my favourite, too. I have so many ideas on how to use them!

Callie Grayson said...

love the first advent calendar!!
so cute

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