Sunday Sweetness {iii}

This week’s sweetness comes from the lovely Jamie Delaine.
While visiting her blog, I came across this amazing engagement shoot highlighting Burnaby Mountain in one of its loveliest seasons: autumn.

I was instantly smitten with this image. [I then realized I knew the groom from an English class I took in my final semester at SFU: small world]. So, Darcy: Congratulations to you and your beautiful fiancée Shannon.
These photos are gorgeous.

P.S. Get ready for more of the beautiful Burnaby Mountain: I will begin posting Angela and Ryan’s wedding photos this week.


Down and Out Chic said...

so pretty, they could not have picked a prettier place to take these photos!

Courtney said...

Isn't it gorgeous? I just love fall - this palette as a backdrop can't be beat.

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