Bridal Shower String Art

Straight out of the “that was easy” DIY vault comes another piece of string art. This one was made for my sister in law Julie’s bridal shower that we held last Sunday.

This project was altogether cost effective; in fact it was free. I had all of the supplies around the house: the wood and ceiling paint were left over from our kitchen renovation, the string from our wedding, and the nails courtesy of Ben’s tool box. The total assembly was about an hour aside from the time it took for the paint to dry (I left it over night).

This project would work well with any graphic shape, monogram, or number for a birthday or shower. As a large-scale piece it adds a fun pop of colour and could also be used to hold escort or gift cards.

I used the heart on the welcome table to greet guests in the front entrance. 

More details from Julie’s shower to come!

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Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

Cute project! Looking forward to the other shower details.

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