Holiday-Inspired Nails.

I'm excited to see that dark, short, nails - which just happen to be my specialty - are being coveted this winter and there is a plethora of gorgeous shades to choose from. Much to my delight, Maegan has shared her glitter-infused take on the trend, pairing my very favourite OPI shade (Lincoln Park After Dark) with a hint of pixie dust. Voila!

(Image and tutorial courtesy of ...love Maegan).


Jennifer said...

Sister, let's get these on Saturday.

...love Maegan said...

A. Thank you!
B. I love Jennifer's comment above, lol!
C. Mine still haven't chipped. It's been a week!

Courtney said...

A. Thank YOU, Maegan!
B. Jenn: done.
C. I need to get me some Chanel top coat.

Horray for holiday nails!

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