welcome, autumn.

Oh autumn, I always forget how much I love you until the air becomes crisp + I have to put on a sweater + I begin to drink tea 4 or more times a day. What a perfect season.

This weekend I am cleaning house (literally and figuratively) and crafting. I'm 100% addicted to brush script (c/o script school) and I can't wait to share some of my work.

What are you up to, friends? If you need something fun to do, why don't you make a fall wreath or make a delicious grilled cheese sandwich or reflect on your favourite cold weather rituals?

What is your favourite thing about autumn?

(Image courtesy of Real Simple via Pinterest).


Victoria said...

Looking forward to the chillier days too (although I do love hot summers). Open fires, candles, red wine, wearing new boots and thick scarves! Oh and of course a pumpkin latte or 4 !!!

Lilacs In May said...

I have my logs piled, my soup blender out, my scarves retrieved from their summer hiding place - but the sun has come out in the UK - and the rest of the week is threatening to turn into an Indian summer.

Jen said...

I made two grilled cheese sandwiches this weekend. i also adore fall. don't feel as guilty to cozy up and lie on the couch ! :)

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